Coming soon A better way to run your lab

We’re building a comprehensive, easy to use platform to run your lab, with AvantaLIMS at the center. Ready to go out of the box and easy to deploy, our LIMS is focused on your needs. If you’d like to learn more about our all-in-one platform, we’d love to hear from you and listen.

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All-in-one platform

Our configurable platform has your laboratory in mind. Whether you call it a Blank Spike or a LCS, a Cal Check or a CCV, it does not matter. We can configure the platform to suit your laboratory’s workflows. We also have…

Pre-Built Test Codes

Equipped with most EPA and Standard Methods methodologies most full-service environmental laboratories will need.

Integrated Customer Portal

Allow your customers to assist in project management as well as view receipts, reports, and invoices.

Customer Management

Our Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) allows you to manage all of your customers in one place.

Field Services Integration

Integrate with all of your field service operations, whether it’s just courier services to full-service field sampling.

Compliant Traceability (QA/QC) - Audit Readiness

Utilizing the ISO 17025:2017 Quality Systems philosophy, our robust traceability system meets compliance standards for most accreditation and certification agencies.

Automated Reporting

Automated data package and report generation and distribution.

Instrument Integration

Our platform provides flexible integrations for most major instrument manufacturers including Agilent, Shimadzu, ThermoFisher, PerkinElmer, and supports custom implementations.

Mobile Friendly

Our platform scales to mobile devices.

Deploy faster

Everything you need to run your lab

AvantaLIMS provides an all-in-one platform that is preconfigured for your analytical laboratory needs. In addition, we take care of the burden of running your LIMS as well, with features such as:

Cloud Hosted

No need to worry about on-premise servers or their maintenance.

Security Built-In

We've taken a security-first approach, and utilize enterprise grade security to help protect your data.

Automatic Updates

Enjoy the latest version of our platform, automatically.

Admin Configuration

We provide LIMS Admins with easy to use self-service configuration tools

High Performance

Get reports in seconds, not hours

Automatic Backups

Rest assured we're backing up your data 24x7x365 with Disaster Recovery built-in